Hi! To get your PORTLAND MAINE show featured on the Portland Poster Wall, please do the following:

1. You must have an instagram account. It doesn't matter whose it is.

2. The instagram account must have sharing turned ON. You find this under your settings page, which you get to by clicking the little gear icon.

3. Post your show poster/video/image to instagram. Make sure we know the day and time in the caption, and tag the venue and the other bands on the bill if possible.

4. Here's the most important part: tag @portlandposterwall in the post. Once we're tagged, we'll regram your show for you and it will show up in the Portland Poster Wall instagram feed as well as here on HOT TRASH: Portland!

Please note that we can't keep track of stuff that's like weeks and weeks out. Tagging us no more than ten days before your show date helps keep us organized. And by us I mean me, because there's no one else here but the voices in my head telling me to eat the rest of a stale Trader Joe's chocolate babka right now.