Last Minute Garbage

Why aren't I informed about shit?  What is your problem?  What, I'm not good enough for you?  Am I chopped liver over here?  I don't even get you, Cider Hill Farm Music Festival, I really don't.  It's like I don't even know you anymore. 

Tomorrow, July 25th, come rain or shine, the Cider Hill Farm Music Festival is happening.  It features a bunch of food and other body changing trash, but it also features a bunch of Maine musicians.  It's a little intimate thing, but totally worth going to because: Kenya Hall!  This terribly accomplished funk and soul band leader has a great sense of humor that is warm and inviting and perfect for a summer night on a lawn eating some kind of local food, I don't even know what you can get there but I bet it's good.  Kenya also does this weekly 90's R&B thing at Slab on Wednesday nights called No Diggity, during which she leads a big ass group of locals in covers and mash ups of my favorite era of R&B, the mid 90's.  Real Love, The Boy is Mine, Every Little Step, Bump & Grind, all of your favorites.  But tomorrow at Cider Hill she plays her originals, of which I have only heard a few tunes, but judging by her prowess, it will be a fun ass time.  Go to this show.  Be with it in love.  Tell it how much it means to you.  Hold it until the sun goes down.  

And... drive safe!  No drunk driving, humans, bring a friend who hates booze but loves you, or arrange in advance for a cab or a ride.  Safety first!!