Songz Fer U: Color Hex "Femmes Fight Back"

I'm starting this section with this song for two reasons. Firstly, I fucking reviewed this record (A Temporary Feeling, made here in Maine) for the Phoenix and I really liked it and it's just been on the brain. Secondly, it has subject matter that I love and believe in (being femme, being feminist, being queer, and kicking ass) and it makes me feel all tough like I want to cut the sleeves off of my t shirts and go stand on the corner and crush butts and put one of my feet up against the brick wall I'm leaning on and then like, suddenly need to run my hand through my hair, all brooding-like and shit. I guess it sort of makes me feel like Johnny Depp in Cry Baby? Huh. That was not at all where I was going with this. But whatever there it is. Something shows up, I greet that shit with open arms and a glass of two buck chuck like it's my cousin from down the block. 

Frankly, I would never run my hand through my hair like greaser Johnny Depp on a street corner because I'm obsessed with my hair and there's usually so much shit in it that it would be basically impossible. But that's not the point. The point is that this fucking little 2 minute tune is strong willed and bitchin' and I like it and let's listen to it, eh. Here: