What the Fuck Should I Do Tonight: Mexican Cultural Appropriation Edition!

¡Ya Basta!

Enough is enough!

I had prepared for you this thing about how us racist white American pricks can just cool it this year on Cinco de Mayo, but you know what, we’re going in another direction because I have HAD IT. I have had fucking ENOUGH. Time for a different kind of cultural appropriation.


Ya Basta! means “enough already!” or “enough is enough!” and I learned about that phrase by reading this book. For over 20 years, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) has been in a public, all-out war against the Mexican government, fought using unconventional guerrilla tactics wherein there is no true “leader” and nobody has a face, a true anarchist movement of civil resistance. Primarily, the EZLN are waging a defensive civil war in Chiapas, which is in southern Mexico.

These are the bravest, most intelligent of people. These are not rich people with a vision and a team of minions, they are common folk with brass ovaries who have fucking had enough. They are anti-globalization, anti-neoliberalism and espouse the traditional ideals of their native state. They’ve given up their personal identity to fight for their community. They believe in participatory government from the bottom up, not the top down. They are trying to re-conceptualize the entire system of power, oppression and globalization, from their tiny post in Southern Mexico. These are Mexican-Socialist-Anarchist-Activists, and they pretty much kick ass.

So how about on this Cinco de Mayo, we use our FUCKING BRAINS FOR ONCE to think about how the win at the battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862 was a victory for the people, the 99%, and how on this very day, today, there is this group of guerrilla fighters actually and really fighting for our own best interests, hidden away in southern Mexico, changing things slowly from within, with their blood, with their hands, with their minds. Maybe we can take inspiration from that instead of just using this holiday to get hammered on sugar drinks and wear offensive sombreros, insulting all of Mexican culture by framing them as simpletons who make good food. What if we were to use this holiday to inspire our own insurgency instead? What if we came together, regardless of personal ideologies, and took action for ALL people? What if? WHAT IF?

“I believe [subcomandante Marcos’] words and the statements of the Zapatistas can inspire a new generation of activists and let them understand that it is possible for ordinary people, without military power, without wealth, to challenge state power successfully on behalf of social justice.”   —Howard Zinn

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone.

Friday May 5

Happy Folk and El Malo are hosting a Cinco de Mayo party at Lone Pine Brewing Company. I haven’t been to Lone Pine yet, but word on the street from various adults with whom I associate has been that shows at Lone Pine are super fun and sound pretty good for a brewery situation. $10 sounds a little high for this bill, HOWEVER, you can bring your dog. You can bring your dog! WORTH IT. That is all.

Paranoid Social Club is performing the first half of their double album Axis I & III - the more intimate, shoegaze-y half - at OLS tonight with Yes We Kin (Cam Jones) and Dominic Lavoie. I get this, the “play the whole album” thing. An album is a complete work, made up of many smaller complete works, and artistically, they can make up a larger, more complex voice that an artist needs/wants to make known. Rustic Overtones just did the play the whole album thing at PHOME a few weekends ago, following in the footsteps most recently of Sufjan Stevens, whose Carrie and Lowell tour was fucking phenomenal and maybe reminded us all of how important the Whole Album can be. Anyway, this is good, go do it.

Flask has LOVE, their deep house and techno night.  

Tonight in yer cover bandz, PHOME is offering up Pardon Me, Doug’s 100th show of Phish covers, ok, and then just a few blocks away you’ve got Aura with Vyntyge Skynyrd, Peacheaters and Nor’easters who are Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers and Marshall Tucker cover bands. I think someone should do a Skynyrd/Bob Seger mashup cover band called The Gimme Back My Silver Bullets Band.


You have to hand it to whomever books Live at 212. Their shows often have like 900 bands on the bill and this week’s Fiesta De Rock is no different! Arta’sin, Loki, Second Sight, Dirty Rotten Winter, Primal Static, Revision and Trial By Stone are either all playing 20 minute sets and DEFINITELY all sharing the same drum kit, or this show starts at like 6pm. WHICH IS IT? I guess click to find out, I don’t fucking know.

If you want to go do drugs in a bathroom while wearing glitter booty shorts before you go head out to the woods to do drugs in a port o potty while wearing glitter booty shorts or whatever, Taproot is doing a big party at Empire as a pregame to the Psychedelic Sleepover with the Zebbler Encanti Experience, Sixis, Caelis, Yung Abner and local DJ Les Rhoda. Good luck to you, I hear they have a really mean bouncer watching the bathrooms these days. ZING, Portland, I ZING YOU!!!!

Port City Music Hall has The Dustbowl Revival with Von Grey. OC and the Offbeats are at RiRa. Blue has Darlin’ Corey, Miss Maybell and Slimpickins and Bread and Circus. Salvage has Pete Witham and the Cozmik Zombies.

Interesting. The Dresden Dolls, remember those guys? Well anyway, the dude from the Dresden Dolls has a new band called Scarlet Sails who are at Geno’s tonight, along with their tour support Radiator King and then locals Pretty Sad (Dustin Saucier and Renee Coolbrith) and Cactus Rose (NH).

Lastly, Johnny Cremains and Eldemur Krimm are at newly renovated millenial funhouse Bayside Bowl.  

Saturday May 6

Over in Congress Square Park during the day, there is a steel drum street dance. I love dancing, I wish we all danced more. Let’s dance!

Fiddler Hanneke Cassel is at OLS

Chase Rice is at Aura with Filmore and Joe Gallant. Do you guys know Joe Gallant? He lives pretty comfortably at that intersection of, like, an emotive John Mayer when he’s not trying to be Stevie Ray Vaughn, and a Josh Turner type without the barrel-chested baritone. Also, he’s adorable with little dimples on his face and shit. His body IS ACTUALLY a wonderland. Or something. Anyway, why isn’t he more popular? I guess city Mainers aren’t that into this kind of country music? I mean I’m not, but I’m an asshole who hates everything. Well anyway, for those of you who DO like Chase Rice and are going to this show, make sure you turn up early for ol’ Joe.   

Bravely carrying the jamband mantle over the threshold of New World Order, Twiddle and Strange Machines are at State Theatre fer yer heady noodlingz. Jersey punks Screaming Females are with locals Fur and Weakened Friends at SPACE GALLERY. Progressive jazz rock band MARBIN are at Empire with locals Apis Rex.

PHOME has the Maine Dead Project covering Barton Hall 5-8-77. Set one of this show stays in the folkier/bluesier side of that era of the dead with standards of the era like “El Paso” and “Brown Eyed Women,” but set two is where your tabs really start kicking in, your face falls off and they give you Scarlet Begonias, St. Stephen, Fire on the Mountain and Morning Dew before destroying your whole evening with the fucking Bobby-led bummer of a jam “One More Saturday Night” as an encore, which, seriously, I could go forever not hearing Bob Weir’s shrill woo-ha-ing at the end of that song and I’d be just goddam fine. Just fine. Better, even, than I am right now. Some hot leg really makes up for it though, Maine Dead Project. You hear me? SHOW ME SOME JORT THIGH AND STOP YELLING AT ME.

I will 100% never walk away from an opportunity to objectify Bob Weir's pony legs while also simultaneously making fun of his artistic achievements. SMASH THE PATRIARCHY!!!!

I will 100% never walk away from an opportunity to objectify Bob Weir's pony legs while also simultaneously making fun of his artistic achievements. SMASH THE PATRIARCHY!!!!

Sunday May 7

Supposedly it’s spring and we should be excited about going outside at this point, so it makes sense that there is so much crap booked all weekend despite the fact that it is still winter in our hearts and in our freezing cold extremities.  

Country weekeeennnnnddd take me hoommmmmeee… Dwight Yoakam and Elliot Root are at Aura.

The New England Pan Festival is at Thompson’s Point, which is a world music thing.   

American manic pixie dream boy hero Ryan Adams is at The State Theatre but you can’t go because it’s sold out.

Local Dominic Lavoie-led Keanu Keanu are at Rising Tide playing pleasant covers

John Craigie and Joel Thetford are at OLS.

Real Estate and Frankie Cosmos are at PCMH.

Flask has their mellower dance party Sundaze.


Be safe. Be kind. Drive sober, and only sober. Protect each other. Compassion first. Usually I use funny lyrics when I can, but today, this somber shit comes to you from Radiohead: There's a gap in between, there's a gap where we meet. Where I end and you begin, and I'm sorry for us. The dinosaurs roam the earth, the sky turns green where I end and you begin. I am up in the clouds, I am up in the clouds and I can't and I can't come down. I can watch but not take part where I end and where you start, where you, you left me alone, you left me alone, X will now mark the place. Like the parting of the waves, like a house falling into the sea. I will eat you all alive. There will be no more lies.