What the Fuck Should I Do Tonight: Think For Yourself Edition!

*Approaches void, clears throat*


Hey. Hey you old corndogs, how are you? Look, I’m throwing a punk rock flea market. It’s a thing, other cities have them and so should we. Ours will take place on the Saturday of that Mathew's rooftop party they do every year in defiance of the Old Port Fest. Get on the train, because i'm relentless and I will make this thing happen every year whether you like it or not. Shit, an event I co-founded and produced was just featured in USA Today. I can do stuff. 

Anyway, you should sell your shit! I have three ways to do it. The first is simple, you drop your shit off with me and tag it and I will sell it for you and then give you back the money. Easy. You don't even have to come to Mathew's except to collect your dollars. The second is that you can do your own table or area, if you are a vendor type or you have a lot of stuff to sell. the third is that you can donate some shit and i'll sell it to get dollars for Planned Parenthood because the moldy parmesan cheese rinds in charge of this country are terrified of what women are capable of and are therefore trying to kill us by making a vagina a preexisting condition. Not like healthcare was so great before, but I mean they're really leaning into this whole Craster's Keep fantasy now.

Anyway, join me on this journey, won't you?

For shows this week, I have to ask you to go over to the calendar. I have gotten The Sickness that makes my lungs feel like they're burning from the inside out. But also I have taken on some new projects that I'm trying to keep up with, and I have also been getting ready to go on a little trip and it's all been a little bit much. But I have faithfully been collecting events for you, so if you need something to do, go to the calendar, click on a thing and read its description and then decide if you want to do it because I can't always be around to fucking tell you what to do, you incapacitated pile of sentient inertia jelly. 

I love you. Have a good weekend. I'll see you all at All Roads next weekend.