What The Heck Should I Do Tonight: Mama If That's Moving Up (Part 1)

Turn around and lemme see what you’re working with there, shorty!

Shake that ass, girl! It's Friday!

Shake that ass, girl! It's Friday!

This week I bust out of the mold and bring you two posts - one about yer showzen, and one about why HT:P! is no longer moving from this here web site. Read it or don't. Either way, get off yer fluffy buttz and spend the change that's gotten stuck in your hairy butt crack on myoozics this weekend.

Friday April 28

Local artist/musician/curator Remy Brecht emerges - soaked in blood, most likely - from the darkest corners of the music scene this week with his new band MEGOG, who already have some sweet ass (bear? cat?) t shirts and the requisite dark metal cold weather outdoor press photo. They open for Sunrunner, Holy Filth and envelope-pushers Barishi from Vermont over at SPACE Gallery tonight.

The local heroes over at Mayo Street Arts are all, “hey about this immigration/integration problem we have? Let’s actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT but also stay in our lane at the same time,” once again putting their money where their mouth is and booking an International Open Mic Night where we can go see something different for once. 

The Venue Formerly Known as the Asylum, Aura, reopened to the public this past week with a She’s All That style hot girl makeover. They’re really leaning into this whole thing where they bring in your dad’s favorite bands from high school, so tonight they have Warrant and Dokken, but they’re sticking to their roots by continuing to host Rap Night on Wednesdays and our beloved local parade of Dolls Kill clearance items, Plague.

This guy, Pierre Bensusan, is one of these musicians that I feel like I can’t write about because he’s one of these guys that’s all skill and international awards and he’s the guy that really accomplished guitar players want to play like, and that intimidates me. So here, you go look. I’ll be over here continuing to make fun of Warrant.

There’s a HOUSE PARTY at St. John with Fancy LA Unicorn Banny Grove!  Scribs’ Belated Birthday show (who the fuck is Scribs?) at Live at 212 has Oh the Humanity, Crowfeeder, Time out Timmy, Not 30, Zukie Fury and Spillers, which all sound like song names from the jaunty little coming of age musical your whimsical cousin wrote.  

The Richard James Band is at PHOME with Barika. Kung Fu - the funk band who claim in their bio to be “making fusion music cool again” (OK PAM) - is at PCMH with West End Blend. One of the sets that Kung Fu plays will be a set of all Steely Dan covers. I’m just… I just don’t know anymore.

Bayside Bowl is hosting Ale-A-Palooza, which is a tribute to the late Bill Peitsch of 90’s rockabilly/drunk punk outfit The Church Keys with Halo and the Harlots, The Wallhangers, The Gamma Goochies and DJ Matt Little.  

There’s an eclectic lineup of punk and surf pop over at Hella Good Tacos that includes Doldrumer, Million Dollar Lounge, The Doug Quaids and FSD Live.  

Town Meeting, These Wild Plains and Jesse Ahern are at Empire. I am an unabashed lover of These Wild Plains. I love them. I wonder if they love me?  *Le SIGH…*

FOREVER ALONE. I should probably not be trying to date entire bands, though, huh. Food for thought, that's real food for thought. 

FOREVER ALONE. I should probably not be trying to date entire bands, though, huh. Food for thought, that's real food for thought. 

Saturday April 29

Punk/Blues hero Jon Spencer’s long time project Boss Hog is at Port City Music Hall tonight, and they are bringing the ‘sassiet boy in America’ Ian Svenonius as an opener, and locals Thee Icepicks open for them. FUN. FUCKING FUN. Here, you weirdos will appreciate this:

Important: they’re putting an edible food forest in East Bayside. HELL YEAH! Come to UFF to help raise money to do it. In today’s edition of Situational Irony 101, a band called “Bank of America” is playing a community fundraiser, along with Sassquatch. It’s $5. You can donate more.

Flask has their early tea dance Flannel at 4pm. Later they have a drum n bass dance party called Sprang.

Blue is celebrating their twelve year anniversary with a little party with the Evan King Group at 7 and Okbari early with their belly dancer who I THINK is Vivian Vice? Can anyone confirm or deny her identity? Whomever she is she makes like, really intense eye contact with her audience and it gives me weird feelings in my tummy. The Heated are at b.good. Salvage has perennial workhorse Travis James Humphrey. PHOME has a tribute to Adele with Rachel Doe on vocals. Girl, u brave. Aura has fellow New Jersey native Robert Randolph and the Family Band, but it’s sold out so you can’t go.

Pop band Leverett, Punk band Safe/Word and stoner rock band Little Tomb are playing a “surprise show,” at Empire which may or may not mean that something got canceled in the wake of Empiregate and they jumped in there to fill the slot. I like the weird lineup. KGFREEZE, North Atlantic and $300 are at Bayside Bowl, which is also recently renovated like SPACE and Aura, you should go check it out. Riverton Diesel, Midwestern Medicine and Chicky Stoltz (which is such a satisfying band name to say out loud, it’s got such a good crunch to it) are at Geno’s. Che Ros is DJing The Dance Cartel’s dance party at SPACE.

Wow. So much. So much stuff. SO MANY FEELINGS. Look, you know what to do this weekend - safety, sober driving, caring for your community and your neighbors no matter what color, creed or culture they are, kicking ass and being generally awesome and good. And listen, I want to say something to you: thank you. Thank you for being a friend. Travel down the road and back again. your heart is true! You're a pal and a confidant... and if you threw a party and invited everyone you knew? You would see the biggest gift would be from me and the card attached would say, "thank you for being a friend."

Stay golden. XOXO