What The Heck Should I Do Tonight: Analog Edition!

In honor of the opening of Prism Analog Studio here in Maine, I’ve decided to use this episode of WTFSIDT:WE! to honor the old internet, the pre-digital-everything, the days before the internet of things, the days when selling books online was only a twinkle in Jeff Bezos’ beady little eye, and, of course, the days when you had to record your shit to tape if you wanted to record. WHICH IS WHY, of course, making music professionally was harder back then - tape is expensive - and why there are so many bands now. The internet changed things! Geocities and Angelfire meant that any douchebag could make a web site, and the dawn of the digital age means any douchebag can make a record! On their phones, even! Anyway, so enjoy these gifs that throw back to when music was on tape, and the biggest thing we were worried about politically is that our president got a beej from a lady in a blue dress. Ah, happier times.

Friday March 24

Raging Brass Reggae is at Bayside Bowl. Bayside just finished construction and apparently is quite big and beautiful now, so go check it out or something I guess. 

Sassquatch, Zak Trojano and Amos Libby/Doug Porter/Sarah Mueller from Ghosts of Johnson City are at Blue starting at 6pm.   

There’s karaoke at Stroudwater Distillery up at Thompson’s Point and judging by the thirsty comments section in that event, this town needs more karaoke. Every Chinese food restaurant, every bar, any place that serves alcohol, basically, should have karaoke at least once a week.

Jared Fairfield releases his latest cassette with Kafari and Starbirthed (amazing, say it out loud) at a house show at 1 North Street. I would classify this as thoughtful music. We’re past shoegaze, we’re past dream pop, so I’ll call it what an ex-bf once labeled this kind of sound: “womb symphonies.” Tight.

The Portland Recovery Community Center is hosting an all ages chem-free punk show with Grimace, Doug Quaids, Small Spaces and Aquadad. I don’t think I’ve heard of any of those bands yet, but they’re all Mainers. If you’re not chem-free and go to this, be respectful, don’t be a dink.

The Falmouth Education Foundation is hosting a fundraiser at Empire with Motor Booty Affair. I get that this is disco covers from the 70’s and early 80’s, but it’s time to ditch the afro wigs here in 2017. White dudes in the 70’s had feathered locks and mustaches, not afros. So you get why it’s time to retire the wigs, right. RIGHT?

Hogan’s Alley play at Live at 212 with Dark Rain, USA Waste and Noisebreaker.

Classy on Occasion, Adulting, Tie Goes to the Runner and Isn’t It Always are at Hella Good Tacos.

Goddess fucking dammit. The cancer has come for one of our own again. Pigboat, Covered in Bees, Set This World and Cryptic Overcast are at Geno’s raising money for Dave Devine’s medical bills, and also, if you’re fruity like me you might also believe that they’re raising the universe’s energetic signals to take care of Dave.

Finally, Mathew’s has the power pop of The Up Up Ups! with Meanmugg, No Good and The Labor Pains.

Saturday March 25

Flask’s early tea dance Flannel starts at 4pm today, and they’ve got SNAP!, which is a 90’s dance party, later that evening.

Zeme Libre and Hambone are at PHOME.

Lisa Fisher performs at the State Theatre tonight with her band Grand Baton. Ms. Fisher sang with Mick Jagger on “Gimme Shelter” and was featured in the film “20 Feet from Stardom.”

There’s an all-broads show to celebrate broads history month called Marching Orders over at Bayside Bowl with Monarck Lisa, The Asthmatic and Ms. Fridrich and FuzzQueen, both from DC.

You probably read the thing in the Phoenix about Prism, the new analog recording studio that Nick Johnson is opening in Bayside. Recording to tape is not something you can do everywhere, so one wonders if this studio will attract national talent who don’t like the price tag of recording in NYC or LA or one of the other places that offers the opportunity to do all analog recording. It’s also a nonprofit though, which basically means the studio’s goal is to invest in the community. So if you want to give some dollars or lend a hand, try out their fundraising party at UFF on Saturday, with performances from Lyhoka, Troubled Girl, El Grande and others, culminating in an open mic brouhaha that, I’m assuming, will take on epic proportions once fully under way.  

Geno’s has Buddusky, Lilith, Narrow/Arrow, Safe/Word and Roy Orbitussin.

The second night of Rock for Devine, a fundraiser to help Dave Devine with his medical bills, is at Empire with Foam Castles, An Anderson, North Atlantic and Johnny Cremains.

Ok freaks be safe and be kind and I love you and I want you inside of me all the time and everywhere but, like, metaphysically not actually because that's a lot of things to fit inside of me and I'm only one woman with only so many goddess-given holes. OK anyway so look be excellent to each other and look, you see, my problem is this: I'm dreaming away wishing that heroes, they truly exist. I cry, watching the days - can't you see I'm a fool in so many ways?! But to lose all my senses, that is just so typically me! OH BABY OH OOPS I DID IT AGAIN I played with your heart, got lost in the game, oh baby baby oops you think I'm in love, that I'm sent from above! I'm not that innocent!