What the Fuck Should I Do Tonight: Weekend Edition!

Good god. I am looking at all the open tabs on my little browser here - one for each event, that’s how I do it - and I am getting the panic sweats because how the fuck am I going to write about all of this? Its very intimidating, and there’s a drag show I’m trying to get to.  

Fuck it: Do. Or do not. There is no try.

Friday May 27

Ryan Halliburton and the Still are at PHOME for happy hour, 5-6pm. The Awesome are there later in the evening, doing 80’s covers.

Amos and the Eriks from Ghosts of Johnson City are playing at Blue at 6pm with special guests Devon Colella on cello and Bethany Winter on vox.

Kenny Login, False Grails, Video Nasties, Vernon and Fenimore are having a $5 rooftop party at Mathew’s. First rooftop party of the year, methinks, hosted by AYKM? tapes. Cash only, motherfuckers.

They’re having a salsa party in the park. No, not the kind you eat! The kind you DANCE! With all the heat of a Latin Lover! Err… Latin Lovah! 6-8pm, free.

Tricky Britches gets some local love cuz one of those dudes are from Maine. They are at One Longfellow Square tonight at 8pm.

Flas has Black Friday, Skosh and Friends are doing a Prince tribute, which… seems inessential, but ok, Dean Ford & The Keepsakes are at RiRa,

Tsula and the Sad Boys, Is She? And The Up & Ups are at Genos - this is an all locals show, the bands are mostly vet players, and I suggest that after you go see Rhys Chatham this weekend, you either go to this or to the Anderson Street party. Speaking of:

An Anderson, Haru Bangs and Crystal Canyon are playing 111 Anderson Street. YUS.

And if you’re near the Eastern Prom, you’ll go to this secret party that id m theft able is throwing that isn’t really so secret if I fucking know about it. When the old gray lady is onto you, you’re super mainstream, y’all.

Saturday May 28


The Adam Ezra Group is playing at The Ballpark in Old Orchard Beach? I don’t know what that is, is that an actual ballpark? I’ve only been to OOB once, and it was for an on site visit for work so I am a knownothing about this town of fantasy and french fries.

Jya and her crew are doing the Spice Girls again at Studio 55.  

CuLLu is Anna Lombard, Sara Hallie Richardson and Megan Jo Wilson doing reggae covers. WHAT? How interesting, I’ll bite. That’s at PHOME at 9.

Nick Perry’s Brass Tax, Buddusky and FUPA are at Hella Good Tacos at 8pm.

Dan Knudsen, Ursidae, Morgan Lindenschmidt and CJ Boyd are at Strange Maine.  

Ok, *deep breath* Mouth Washington, Roy Orbitussin, Family Planning, The Stampede, Waco Sparkler, Fenimore, Safe/Word and Morgan Bouton are all playing a tribute show to Evan Richard and raising money for SPACE gallery. The suggested donation is $6.66 so maybe don’t bring your grandma. This is at Zero Station.

Devil’s Night out and Destination: Void are opening for The Killing at Mathew’s on Saturday. Inside? Rooftop? Doesn’t say. $6

Chris Robley is doing his album release at Dogfish with Welterweight. I love the band name Welterweight.

Flask has Sub/Merge and are totes using a Lisa Frank kitty cat with a magic wand as their image header this time around, don’t think I didn’t catch that you fancy bitches.

Pete Witham and the Cozmic Zombies and Josh Madore have a show at Empire, and you should try to make it early enough for out of towners Red Tail Hawk, they’re great. Oh wait, are they headlining? I can’t tell. I implore all bands out there, please be more clear and descriptive with your show invites.

Sunday May 29

It’s Reggae Sunday on Peak’s Island. That’s a thing, right? Why does it cost more to get your bike to Peak’s Island than it does to rent one there?

Flask is doubling down today, first they have an early show with Triode, Burr and $300, and then later that night they have SunDaze with Deez and Dhost.

Maine bands Mome and Korovyov are with out of towners Warm and Moon Tooth at Geno’s tonight.  

The Dapper Gents are at RiRa. If I had to choose from their event header, I pick the fourth from the left as the most dapper. His vest just fits him best. The runner up is the dude to the left of him because he has a fucking pocket watch like a railroad-riding baller.

Emo Night 4 is at PHOME. Foam Castle and Vincent Rivera are at Sonny’s. Native Isles are at Rising Tide Brewery.

Monday May 30

There is literally nothing going on tonight, according to the Internet. It’s because you all are going to barbecue and fuck off this day. I get it. Party on.

We out.