What the Fuck Should I Do Tonight: Weekend Edition!

I’m on vacation this week. Mental vacation from this blog, I still have to go to fucking work and shit. We’ll return to our regularly scheduled bullshit-gram next week on March 10. In the meantime, you’ve got Mr. Greg to keep you company, go see a fucking movie for once, you derelicts.

Oh but wait a second, Kenya Hall at the Bernie Rally, though… were you there? I’m supe jellies. I was over at my jobby job, being jelly and watching Kenya and co basically kill it online. Yes. Get at it so hard and MANAGE THAT SHIT, woman.

Also in news of women owning it all over the goddam place, Clara Junken, holy shit. I got to see her last night at the Songwriter’s Circus at Dogfish. You know how some people are like, really really good at music but something is just off about it, like it’s an affectation and their soul longs to do something else but maybe doesn’t know what that thing is so they play music and they slay but they’re probably meant to like, be an architect or a psychologist or a sculptor or something but didn’t have that opportunity? Yeah, Clara is not that. She’s a fucking natural, so at home behind a mic with a guitar that it stirs me, watching her was like this moment at which someone hits a tuning fork and everything else just falls away so all you hear is this true soul and spirit. Fuck you, yeah it’s cheesy but that shit’s real, bruh. Get the fuck out of here.

cheesy blasters.gif

Also, the dem caucus is Sunday. If you can, vote in it. Shit’s important.

Ok on with the weekend, here we go.

Friday March 4

The first thing you’ll want to do is go to this Rare Birds of Pleasure thing in the Trail Off exhibition in the Annex at SPACE. Viva, Psychic Pictionary, James Paul Cooper will be doing music, and there are others who will be doing other things. What I like about this and what I find compelling about it is that sense of immersion, like you walk in to the space and you find yourself completely dissolved into the experience of being in that space. The rest of the world is left behind. LOVE IT! Could really use that in my life right now.

Knack Factory just opened their new studio next to Rhum (behind Arabica Coffee on Free Street) and join them for their studio opening party. They’re the ones responsible for doing all those great videos of Portland artists for NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest and even though none of them won(A TRAVESTY!!), it was such a cool project with great videos. Let’s all go thank them again and drool over their new studio space at their free opening party tonight.  

Mosart212 ad 32french are at Thirsty Pig for First Friday. Empire has a First Friday pop up dance party

MAMM is doing their “Girls Rock!” showcase at Port City Music Hall - this showcase features over 50 MAMM students and members of the Maine Youth Rock Orchestra. I think it’s a little weird that the headliner is a Boston act when there are so many great woman-led acts here in Maine, but you know I’m persnickety about everything, like a bitter old woman eating a basket full of kumquats and raw cacao beans.

The Mallett Brothers are at the Landing Point in Scarborough tonight. Not Portland, but close enough, and they’re our beloved hometown heroes so I gotta mention it.

Cam Groves & Ock Cousteau are at Live at 212 in Westbrook.

Flask has Love, their monthly techno dance party.

Native Isles are at Brian Boru.

Dean Ford & The Keepsakes are at Ri Ra playing pop covers. Dean gets a special pass for playing a cover show because he’s doing it outside of our realm (who among you sets foot in Ri Ra ever?) and is playing to folks who would never venture down to the West End anyway. It’s quite subversive, actually. I love Dean Ford, he can basically do whatever he wants and I’ll be like YAAAAYYY DEAN XOXOXO I’M A DEANIAC!!!!

Saturday, March 5

Genos has March Mayhem, a post/pop/punk local lineup with Rays Occult, Port City Saints, Stokin the Neighbors and Somethin’ Sneaky, who are super new.

So Sly Chi are taking a breather and are playing their Farewell for Now show at PHOME tonight.  

Hopelessly Obscure, Tiger Bomb and Black Souls are at Bayside Bowl.  

SPACE pulls through for a second music show this weekend with locals Diva Cup and Brett DesChenes, Peter McLaughlin and Nat Baldwin opening for Tashi Dorji. Apparently Dorji has lived in Maine and ended up in Asheville, NC, and I did the opposite - lived in Asheville, settled in Maine. I’ll let you take one guess who I think ended up with the raw deal in terms of cities.  

Empire has An Overnight Low with Builder of the House and Ryan Halliburton.

Flask has Sprung! with DJ’s Mr. Dereloid, Nocturnal and Mike Said.

Forget, Forget, Kafari, Waco Sparkler and Stabwounds are at Mathew's pub tonight. I think this is the more compelling show tonight, but goddam it, Mathews? Don't get me wrong, great dive, totally perfect place to piss away a few hours and dollars, but that room doesn't sound good by any stretch of the imagination - it's a great room for a punk show, but these acts are not punk and have a lot of loops and effects and intricacies that may get lost in the mix in this kind of room. Whatever, fuck it. Who goes to see live music to actually see the music anymore anyway? Yeah, I told you I was on vacation, I'm in no mood.  

Have a good weekend everybody. I love you and I love your music. That’s why I keep the fire. Stand up and fight for this. Or it's OVER!