What the Fuck Should I Do Tonight: Weekend Edition!

HOT DAMN, you guys. I’ve been thinking a lot about the role entertainment - live music in particular - plays in our lives. Last night was a bonkers night for music in Portland, so I did something I hadn’t done in a little bit: I went out to hop around to a bunch of different shows.

Fair warning, you're getting 100% Playing House gifs today. You're welcome. 

Fair warning, you're getting 100% Playing House gifs today. You're welcome. 

I don’t know if it’s my particular juju right now - I’m trying to practice, like, radical honesty with myself and be real with who I am and what I want and just like, love that and not judge it. Have I been successful? Not really, especially on the judgy part, but I’m trying. Anyway, so maybe I have this like, very raw-hearted juju right now or some shit because I had so many conversations with so many folks who are just, and I don’t know how else to put this, in pain and seeking comfort. Like me. So I talked about my pain and need for comfort and they talked about their pain and need for comfort and I felt like I connected with each person in a real way. But let’s be woke about this shit, I wouldn’t have called them on the phone, I connected with them because we were seeing live music together. The experience for me was not only that of enjoying the art, but of feeling a sense of community and mutual support. It’s not what I was looking for, but it’s what I got. And though my heart feels heavy for the burdens of those close to me - failed relationships, lost homes, death, jealousy, failed careers, struggles with addiction, fear of our failing society, I don’t in fact feel heavier myself. I actually kind of feel better. Not in a schadenfreude kind of way. Rather, I feel that I am fulfilling my role as part of my community, sharing my burdens with others so that they can carry some of my weight, and letting others share their burdens with me so that I can take some of their weight. I’m ok with being vulnerable. My beloved SeepeopleS have a song that bears the lyric, “there’s honor in loss, no need for shame.” I’m trying to wear that vulnerability like a goddam badge of honor.  

Look, I don’t have a “faith” as it is so narrowly defined by our world’s religions (which I find can often be just a dogmatic system that helps people cope with fear and ignorance, but WHAT DO I KNOW) but I think there’s something fucking goddam magical about people. I mean holy fuck, when’s the last time you just looked at some fucking eyes for a while? FUCK THEY’RE WEIRD AND CRAZY AMIRITE?! Something is in there, and despite the fact that we ARE all that spirit, or universe or expression of God, we certainly don’t understand it.. Anyway, so my point is that it’s really easy to just hang back and just lay in bed playing COD or sit up and cruise the Internet all fucking zombied out until 4am or mainline two seasons of Daredevil in a weekend instead of going out and sometimes that is totally fine, but I urge you, people of the Internet, I urge you to come out and be social again. Whatever makes you happy, it doesn’t have to be live music, but that’s a great place to start. The economy is getting worse and there will likely be very catastrophic times ahead as global economies queue up to implode and Trump™ brand fascism takes hold of our culture.. Don’t squander this amazing time of abundant art and music, the last vestiges of the halcyon days of the 90’s when money and new technology and cultural shifts coagulated into a golden road upon which all of us could pursue our crazy dreams. It’s almost over. And we’ll have no one to rely on but each other once things take a real downturn. Let’s build community now so that we can help each other out when the shit gets real.


Friday March 25

Ghosts of Johnson City are at Blue for an early show with Sassquatch.  

Brownhauss is pressing pause on shows for a hot minute and they’re doing a final show with Mouth Washington, Safeword, Waco Sparkler and ID M Theftable.

The second in the Come Together series is at PHOME, with Tall Horse, Jeff Beam’s Looping Pedal, KGFREEZE, Pretty Sad and Lady Essence.  Presented by Baxter Brewing.

Oxbow is hosting a benefit for Mainestay with Nick Perry’s Brass Tax, Northern Folly, Happy Folk, Dead Elect and more.

Flask has Black Friday, their trap night. Laura Vanilla will be there, which means you should go.

Go get your contemporary covers on with Sugarbox at RiRa, I fucking guess.

Or, go get your James Taylor covers on with Empire’s Tribute 2: James Taylor. Why, even? Why with this?

Hella Good Tacos has No Good, Seasonal Disorders, Stanley Beck and Suburban Samurai. Free.

Hessian is at Genos with Zex, RIP, Worshipper and Chalice.

Saturday March 26

Last Mercy Emissions has a show at dBasement with Obsidian Tongue, Feral, Haxen, Sewer Goddess and Sterile Garden.  

Blue has their Saturday night Jazz at the Blue Series with Sue n Blue. Flask has Sub/Merge.

Empire has Jay-Zeaster, wherein a bunch of bands will cover Jay-Z.  Cool Tara, Old, Etc., Jargon Party, Dustin Saucier and DJ Laura Vanilla.

To round out the “more covers than you can even handle” this weekend, Studio 55 has Divas Night, at which Jya Marie will do Alainis Morisette, new-to-town Laura Bowman will do Gwen Stefani, Summer Nadya will do Shirley Manson and Conor Leigh Tubbs will do Hayley Williams from Paramore.

Sunday March 27

Sunday brings us the latest installment of Food Fight at PHOME, SunDaze at Flask and Dub Sessions at Oxbow.

Alright. Thanks for letting me get a little misty on you this week, you fucks. You FUCKING FUCKS!!!

Hey, we’re all gonna be ok. I love you.