What the Fuck Should I Do Tonight: Weekday Edition! But Just for Thursday, Though!

Oh what a fancy Thursday, such a fancy Thursday, so fancy, so Thursday

A bunch of crap is crappening on Thursday, and it’s worth writing about, so I’m writing about it. Seriously there’s more good shit this Thursday than there has been on the damn weekend for at least a few weeks now.  It’s so pretty, so fancy, like a fancy show pony just peacocking its way through our week, all done up in ribbons and shit like some ruddy-cheeked scamp.

Anyway, here’s the shit:

The Drum Shop on Forest Avenue is offering a free drum clinic with Nikki Glaspie from Dumpstaphunk and Nth Power (who are playing at PCMH later in the evening, see below). Lady drummer clinic, rad.

There’s a secret show that isn’t really secret at all, and in fact should just be called a “well-promoted show whose location we’ll tell you at the last minute.” Because that’s what it is. It has Sara Hallie Richardson tho, that’s cool.

Family Planning, Rick Rude and Fur play a free show at Hella Good Tacos. If you don’t know any of these bands, I’d probably call this a psychedelic/experimental folk show? Anyway, it’s all ages and it’s free and they have tacos, plus it’s not terribly heavy music so you can bring your babies here if you’re a parent who still knows how to party.

Hannah Daman and the Martelle Sisters are at Empire, with special guests from Ghosts of Johnson City, SeepeopleS, Johnny Cremains and “many other special secret guests.” What’s with people and their secrets tonight? Well anyway, I had a chance to hear Hannah’s songs a couple of weeks ago and she’s totally introspective and melodic and a little weird, it’s good shit.

Speaking of SeepeopleS, Will Bradford and friends are at Blue for an early show. Basically SeepeopleS acoustic with no drums. Which is a real shame for all you Dan Capaldi fans out there, and I know there are a lot of you.

Hot on the heels of Empire’s Tribute 2: Yacht Rock about a month ago, PHOME gives us their “Yacht Blooded” event which is also a tribute to Yacht Rock. True Story: the term Yacht Rock was coined by the creators of the Channel 101 series “Yacht Rock,” who now have a totally incredible podcast for lovers of music and comedy called Beyond Yacht Rock, and I love it and you should go listen to it because it is hilarious but also it defines what is yacht rock and what isn’t. I didn’t know that people were insolent enough to try to include “More than This” by Roxy Music in the yacht rock genre, but you know what world? It doesn’t belong there, ROXY MUSIC WAS PROTO NEW WAVE, just because it’s smooth and was made in the 70’s doesn’t automatically make it yacht rock. Anyway. I can’t tell who is actually playing this tribute to yacht rock because it doesn’t say on the PHOME web site nor on the fb invite. Are you playing this thing? Chime in below.   

Port City is even holding down the local situation tonight with Jaw Gems opening for totally world class NYC funk/soul outfit Nth Power (who have a bunch of Maine connections themselves, oddly enough). I can’t imagine that you people who like to get your dance on won’t have a great time at this show. Plus, Nth Power’s kickass lady drummer is giving a free fucking drum clinic while they’re in town. That is cool. Also? Their show is totes affordable at $15 DOS. This is like, a total must-do.

The mobile hip hop conglomerate Crimewave is at Bull Feeney’s for a free show. GOD DAMMIT HOW CAN I POSSIBLY DO ALL OF THIS GREAT SHIT TOMORROW? We all should make it to this too.

Jesus H, it keeps going too. OK, so my beloved megacrush Geno’s has RSO, Perfect Hair and Safeword. Safeword is donating the money they make from the show to Grime Studios because I guess they like doing awesome things. So you can indirectly donate to Grime Studios by going to this show, it’s only five dollars. Fancy, like I said earlier.

Alright and if you fucking make it to all of that and still have the spirit of party in your pants, then you can run off to Retro Night at the Asylum and dance to tunes from Jonny Noise and DoomsdayJ.

Well, my goodness, just look out out there and party safe, you weirdos. Happy Thursday!!