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the problem with year end movie lists is that you don't get to see every movie in the world that came out this year. and anticipating liking movies is a disingenuous act of list making treason. but its tempting. what if i had gotten to see apichatpong weerasethekul's cemetery of splendor in time? or veerhoven's elle? or toni erdmann?  it just can't always be that way. and making a year end best of list in mid or late january carries its own problems.  one movie i'm really excited to see is playing at space on january 2nd. its called evolution, and is the kind of surrealist, slow-burn, art-horror whats-it movie i usually love.  but its dec 31 and im just doing it now.  but first, here's a trailer for evolution- come out jan 2 to space gallery at 7pm to see it! 

and now the moment no one is waiting for, my list for top ten films, followed by top ten albums

1. embrace of the serpent

2. the lobster 

3. american honey 

4. author: jt leroy story

5. the witch 

6.  nocturnal animals

7. cameraperson

8.  moonlight 

9. green room

10. a bigger splash

and now i'll throw in my ten favorite albums of the year. some of these i haven't gotten to listen to enough of. some of them i've listened to too much. mostly i haven't been listening to music that came out in 2016. 

1. nick cave and the bad seeds- skeleton tree

2. krano- requiescat in plavem

3. jackie lynn- jackie lynn 

4. karl blau- introducing karl blau

5. savage young taterbug - shadow of marlboro man

6. bonnie prince billy and bitchin bajas- epic jammers and fortunate little ditties

7. cate le bon- crab day

8. ignatz- the drain

9. david thomas broughton- crippling lack

10. lambchop- flotus 

favorite maine release: lisa/liza- century woods

favorite tuna melt from maine :

palace diner, dutch's

thats tied^

favorite maine breakfast sandwiches

1. ohno- the number 2 with veggie sausage instead of turkey 

2. tandem breakfast sandwich- no meat

3. 158 bagels- garlic bagel with pesto, egg, tomato, cheddar

4. forage market- soy-vey breakfast sandwich

5. katie made breakfast sandwich- the one with caramelized onion

6. palace diner breakfast sandwich, no meat

7. holy donut breakfast sandwich

8. omi's breakfast sandwich with soy sausage and hot sauce

9. saltbox cafe food truck- crab cake egg sandwich

10. breakfast burrito with avocado- dutch's