What the Fuck Should I Do Tonight: Weekend Edition!

GREETINGS. Greetings to you! AND to you! Well, of course, also YOU as well!!  Greetings to the whole world! Every citizen! And also aliens and non-earthdwellers, WELCOME!

I'm a little burnt out on music this week after a really fun Waking Windows, and it seems like our little 'burg is feeling the same way - not an epic weekend, but quality goods nonetheless.

I myself am preparing for my installation at Sacred and Profane next weekend, so I won't be out much this weekend. If you want to come to S+P, I will post instructions and info this coming week. I'd love to not really see you in the pitch blackness of Battery Steele!!

Friday October 7

Empire has their free first Friday dance party with DJ KTF.

Plague is doing a Stranger Things themed party at Asylum.

Flask has LOVE.

Geno’s has an interesting producers/experimental electronic/hip hop show happening tonight with K-thei?, CURTA, 32French, Push/Shove and Stay on Mars. I only know Push/Shove and 32French on this bill, but I enjoy them both.

The Maine Dead Project is closing out its 20 week residency tonight at PHOME with three sets of dead and an opening band. This actually seems pretty fun, I freaking love the grateful dead. Did I need 20 weeks of dead covers? No. But one night when they’re really bringing it home? Sure.

MEANWHILE, over at OLS they’re doing a tribute to The Band. This is fine, but they got the month wrong. When you think of The Band, you think of The Last Waltz, and The Last Waltz IS A THANKSGIVING MOVIE. Get it together, you guys. We don’t start getting drunk and trying to copy Van the man’s high kicks and making Robbie looks like Detective McNulty jokes until AT LEAST November 10th. Jesus, man, have some fucking self-respect.

G.O.A.T., every time, all the time.

Other fun stuff includes beautiful songbird Monique Barrett playing at b.good from 7-9, Jeff Beam in CSP from 6-8, Tanner Olin Smith at Dobra Tea, Blue has Okbari, Darlin’ Corey and The Evan King Group, Salvage has Pete Witham and the Cozmik Zombies, and Dogfish has someone who has really been neglected by me lately, that’s right it’s Travis James Humphrey!  

Saturday October 8

Geno's takes Saturday in a completely different direction with grindcore/death metal outfit Gadget, who are from Sweden, so you know that shit is real. The Swedes don't fuck around, man. Not with their music, not with their fish and DEFINITELY not with their meatballs. Local heroes Sylvia are on this bill, along with death/punk/heavy Vermin Womb (CO) and , they of the newest genre I've not yet heard but am excited to now use and embrace, "fuck all" band Guilt (NH). Solid.

The PMA has some interesting programming, the film Sweet Blues about guitarist Mike Bloomfield. The film starts at noon and then there is a Q&A with the filmmaker afterward, followed by a little tribute concert from Mark Naftalin.

You could also sit in on Dave Douglas’ class with USM jazz majors at 2pm before rolling around to SPACE to see him with OURBIGBAND, a big band made up of regional players. Fucking awesome, so much learning and shit.  

A million bands are playing at Live at 212 - Ticklefist, Hogans Alley, Labor Pains, Eden’s Lie, Noisebreaker and The Womps. Someone still needs to take me to this place, I haven’t been there. What even. Take me!!

Battery Steele, Kaltenbrunner and When Particles Collide are at Bayside Bowl; Carmine Terraciano Band is at Thatcher’s in South Portland, Hella Good Tacos has $300, Ossalot and Wedding Camp, Joe K. Walsh is at OLS, Salvage has King Memphis, Dogfish has Steamboat Gypsy Band, Blue has Jazz.

And of course finish your whole weird night off at Barfhorse and Laura Vanilla’s dance party SLIME at Flask.

Sunday October 9

SPACE has INTER ARMA, which is one of those bands for thinkers in that they will probably make you uncomfortable at points. That's ok, we're too comfortable as Americans anyway. Also on this bill are hard/punk Call of the Void from Colorado and KYOTY, who you know, come on man, they're around.

Alright then, as per the usual, please, come on, you know what to do. What's that? You need me to tell you again? OK then, be kind, share your heart with others and don't be scared of your feelings, man! And don't ever not even once drink and drive, you call that 207 Taxi, you call that Uber, and you do it because if you need a friend, don't look to a stranger, you know in the end - I'll be there. And when you're in doubt, and when you're in danger, take a look all around, and I'll be there. I'm sorry but I'm just thinking of the right words to say, I know they don't sound the way I planned them to be, but if you wait around awhile, I'll make you fall for me, I promise you, I promise you, I will... I WILL...