What the Fuck Should I Do Tonight: Weekday Edition!

Johnny Cremains!  Were you at their show on Friday night?  It was so good!

They played their new album Hollywoodland front to back, which was slammin-outrageous and you should totally hear it.  You can order it online or track down one of the Johnnys to get one, it is not on Spotify or iTunes, which is kind of a crime (though their 2012 record Leave it to Believers is up there, so you can listen to that. Hollywoodland is better, though). Sean Libby fucking destroyed it.  I love a good front man.  That’s why I will always love the Verve.  White Jeans? Deep squats?  COME ON OF COURSE I’M IN!   

Alright look the kids are back in school and everyone is just fucking around now, we’re not even trying. Fucking football started, so you can kiss everyone you know goodbye until February as the anesthetizing bombast of fucking goddam stupid professional American football lulls all of your loved ones into a chicken wing stuffed, beer swilling, seven layer dip covered shell of a human being who is no longer capable of rational thought. Aside from the fact that Pete Carroll is a stone cold silver fox, I don’t know much about the sportsballs, it has something do with Katy Perry scoring a basket in the outfield, right?  Great, have a nice life, see you all in February, invite me to your superbowl party, I make killer guac, the greatest of party snacks.  .

Monday, September 14

Ain’t nothin’ going on but the rent, motherfucker. Need to do something?  Model Airplane Mondays at PHOME, sure. Sometime Mosart212 is at Bramhall but we never find out until the last minute. Or you could stay home and work on that local playlist for set break like we talked about.  JUST SAYING.   

Tuesday, September 15

I don’t think that I’m too far off in saying that we have an education issue in Our America.  From textbooks that teach creationism to stagnating teacher’s wages, it’s pretty endemic to our culture.  As a result, we don’t learn anything real, which makes us fear things because we don’t know about them. So Christians fear Muslims, men fear women, white people fear black people, the wealthy fear the poor, etc.  Our only choice, really, is to self-educate.  I don’t know if you heard about this, but there’s a real racism problem here right now. White people are trying to kill and/or oppress all the black people. The white people who feel most strongly about this are getting jobs as cops and using their legal weapons to hurt black people with the blessing of their local government.  They’ve been doing it forever!  Since the beginning!  I’m going to assume it’s mostly white people reading this blog, so I’ll just throw it out there that we could all stand to start learning more about how to fucking end the war on black people. I’m no expert, all I get is the stuff I learn from public radio (TAL is pretty great at explaining these things to middle class white people, like this show or this one), what I read, what the few black people I know well enough to talk to about this stuff tell me about their experiences, and you know, the Internet.  Anyway, I’m just saying we could all probably stand to go see this documentary about the Black Panthers being presented by the NAACP at Space. I know it’s not local art, but fostering understanding strengthens our community, so just throwing it out there. Let’s learn some shit.

Wednesday, September 16

Uh...  Micromasse at PHOME? Rap Night/Karaoke at Asylum? I don’t know, why don’t you tell me what to do on a Wednesday night for once?  

Thursday, September 17

There’s this little Phone Home festie going on at PHOME - it’s all electronic music of various ilks, Sea Level is a one man mixie loopy thing with smartypants rapper Zack Jones, Altered Gee is computery, matrixy hip hop, Jaw Gems is blippy synthy electronica, it’s all fun shit.  Also on the bill is Crimewave, World Cup and Square 1.  This is an ET themed thing, which, guys that movie is fucking terrifying I don’t even understand why you would put the saddest alien ever on you fliers, but I just… I am so scared of ET.  

I much prefer Meathead from Meatballs 2.

It’s a great night for electronic music, because Herbcraft is at Empire opening for Mild High Club.  Choose wisely.

Alright, good luck out there.  I can only do so much.