The Gift of Garbage: VAUGHN's New Single "Black Dress"

Hello Fellow Humans of Portland, Maine!

How is your weekend going?  Are you at the Matthews $ummer $lam today? Oh boy, I wish I was.  And I would be too, if it wasn't for those meddling kids!  And by meddling kids, I guess I mean my former boss and the economy at large because I am once again a free agent, as of Friday.  I was laid off, man, that's what I'm saying to you!  So those moneys, the paper thingies you need to pay for music and beer?  I have to hoard them right now.  But don't worry, I'll be back soon enough!  Yup, just as soon as I can find someone who wants to hire a Classy Broad who likes to curse.  Professionally.  Either that or I will be moving into a refrigerator box under the Casco Bay Bridge.  They have wifi, right?  ADVENTURE!!    

I'm not saying I do have a train set running in my apartment right now, but I'm not saying I don't.  Don't judge me.  Chinese take out is the salve of the emotionally wounded.

Ironically, here at HTP Worldwide Headquarters, things have been busier than ever.  Traffic has been through the roof!  Snark has been just flying off the shelf, we can't even keep it in stock!  I feel like a cabbage patch kid in 1985. 

"Earl!  EAAARRRLLL!  Earl, honey, get over here, I got one, get your Diner's Club Card out and pull the  LeCar  around, let's get home to the kids!!!" - you, after reading my blog

"Earl!  EAAARRRLLL!  Earl, honey, get over here, I got one, get your Diner's Club Card out and pull the LeCar around, let's get home to the kids!!!" - you, after reading my blog

(By the way, before we move on, that LeCar commercial is the greatest commercial of all time and you're an idiot if you don't stop what you're doing and watch it.  All car commercials should be like that.) 

So as a result of this flurry of activity, instead of just taking their garbage out on Tuesdays or whenever the fuck your garbage gets picked up, people are dropping their city bags on my doorstep, like so many giant turds (hey, I just thought of a good punk band name: Turds of Prey - you can have that for $20).  Yeah so the gifts are so cool and awesome and one of those things that someone sent me is a song by a new band called VAUGHN who are three people, Nicholas Rier, Tim Churchill and Cody Mitchell.  And, as bands are wont to do, these three goofballs are making a record.  They sent me their new single, Black Dress.  

Ok, so here's what I say about VAUGHN's new single.  It's a lot like Louis CK in 1987.  Here's what that was like, go ahead and watch the clip, I'll wait:

See how it's like, the core of Louis CK circa 2013 is there, but it's not quite gelled yet?  He's not as grumpy, or chubby, there's kind of still a part of him that's like, lemme put on the blazer because comedians are supposed to wear blazers, even though he's not a blazer guy, he's a t-shirt guy?  Hear how his jokes kiiiiind of push boundaries, but don't push them as confidently or as far as he does now?  See how he's kind of awkward and you can see his nervousness because he's just sort of going too fast even though his stage presence is polished just enough to hide that if you don't have the benefit of being able to watch it on youtube over and over again?  Yes, I'm a fan.  I love you, Louis!!  Louis CK gives me pants feelings because I'm troubled. 

Right, so "Black Dress" is kind of like that.  First of all, I love Nicholas Rier's voice.  It reminds me of the singer from Hot Chip, I don't know what his fucking name is, gimme a break here.  Nicholas can sing, the kid's got pipes!  And at the 1:26 mark we get a very satisfying straight up indie rock chorus and some momentum, and there's a good hook and some fun "woa-oh"s that I enjoy wholeheartedly.  But the intro is overly long and then our bridge gets a little bit messy and it sort of just peters out at the end with a bass line, which falls flat because it felt like we were building up to a big finish.  Anyway, so these guys have some good shit going on but it's like a great idea that wasn't fully worked to its logical conclusion.  They can all play their instruments well, there's a good voice in the mix and obviously someone has some compelling song ideas, so get back at it, guys, keep working on this sound, I think it's worth it!  Never let the dream die, don't be like this guy:

But I mean, what the fuck do I know the only instrument I play is skin flute.  

And the triangle.  Ding!