Last Minute Garbage: Kafari Listening Party @ Jewel Box 7/28

Oh hey fuckers, get off the Internet, you spend too much time here.  It’s your phone, you’re always on it.  THE DAMN PHONE!  Have you fantasized yet today about getting rid of your phone entirely, replacing it with a hot little rotary - no you know what?  a touchtone (treat yourself!) - number with a mismatched spiral cord like the one you grew up with, placing it tenderly and lovingly on the kitchen table or getting a little bit crazy and *gasp* mounting it on the wall?  Do you long for the halcyon days of your friends “calling the house” and having to be vetted by another family member before speaking to you?  Remember when life wasn’t completely alienating and lonesome despite being in constant, backlit contact with the whole world?

Here I am modeling the latest in cell phone technology, JEALOUS?  Only like me, Kanye West and fucking Elon Musk have one, so... yep. 

Here I am modeling the latest in cell phone technology, JEALOUS?  Only like me, Kanye West and fucking Elon Musk have one, so... yep. 

Well, you can start remedying that tonight, oh Isolated One, yes, you, in fact this VERY EVENING!  

BUT HOW?! you ask, down on your knees in the middle of an abandoned street, white knuckles wrapped like raptor claws around that small rectangle of plastic and silicon, your palms sweaty from low grade battery radiation and the momentary hope of escaping this iPrison of your own making, a lone sunbeam breaking through the clouds as if in mockery of your desperation.

Well to you I say: Kafari!!

Kafari is… well, to be honest, I’m not really sure who Kafari is, but I’m kind of sure he is a man who lives in Portland, and so let’s go with the gendered pronoun “he” when referring to Kafari.  Anyway, it’s kind of hard to tell who Kafari is because his soundcloud, bandcamp and facebook pages don’t have a bio or any “about information,” and he has a propensity for photos that obscure his face. Respect, man, because it really is all about the music, right?  If you go to Kafari’s bandcamp page, there’s a series of short piano recordings which, if I do another art show, I may want to use as “bed” music.  Geez, I know, I’ll ask permission first, calm down.  The compositions are loose and pretty and wistful and rooted in jazz and have a pleasing “shhhhhhhhh” running throughout, the hallmark of a DIY recording that here feels throwbacky in a good way.

Scoot on over to Kafari’s soundcloud page though, and you’ll find all manner of bizarro electronic recordings that definitely share the same personality as the piano pieces, but are more dreamscapey and make use of all kinds of synths and… uh, other? stuff? It’s hard to tell what’s what.  It’s not beat-driven and I’m always hesitant to give music a genre and Kafari doesn’t make it easier for us when he tags his pieces #spring or #meditations instead of, say, #ambient, but I’m going to just call it dreamtronica whether or not that’s a thing.  It’s probably a thing. #nothingnewexists

Anyway, so Kafari’s at the Jewel Box tonight and says he'll "be mixing things up throughout the night with my own cocktail of electronic music, live keyboard, and acoustic percussion," and what a cool opportunity to see something so unique.  If you’re in the mood for a great cocktail and interesting music, I’d say that you’d be a big dummy not to drop by the Jewel Box for at least some of this.  But then again, I call you a big dummy kind of all the time.  So, there’s that.  Anyway, come on, let’s go!